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1/1/2011: Jersey Jack To Launch Pinball Company

Veteran Industry Executive Jack Guarnieri has announced the launch of a new pinball game manufacturing business with the first production games expected in the fourth quarter of 2012. Guarnieri first revealed his plans publicly on a podcast hosted by SpookyPinball.com, a website dedicated to hardcore flipper fans.

Jack said the plans for starting a new pinball company, to be called Jersey Jack Pinball. "I've been thinking about this seriously for about a year," Guarnieri said on the podcast. "We are going to be building pinball games. This is real. This is happening. I am not going to start something and not finish it. This is a brand-new adventure, but the people involved in it are not brand new to pinball."

Jersey Jack Pinball reportedly hired a number of game creators, including designer Joe Balcer, who worked on popular pinball machines South Park and Simpsons Pinball Party among others.

The Wizard of Oz is an ideal license on which to base the first game, according to Guarnieri, who wants to build pins with lots of mechanical toys and deep rules that still offers play value to novice, first-time players. "We were looking for something that was universally known and accepted and had deep rich content that could easily be turned into mechanical toys for the playfield," he elaborated.

According to Guarnieri, the games will utilize "new technology" and they "won't be cheap," but conversely it's not going to be a reprisal of the former WMS Pinball 2000 synthesis of video and pinball. The game will be a traditional pinball experience. Future games will be based on a mix of licenses and original themes.

Guarnieri, who also owns the popular site www.PinballSales.com and boasts over 12,000 customers has been in the amusement game industry since 1975.

1/24/2014: Pat Lawlor Joins the Jersey Jack Pinball Team

Legendary designer of the best-selling pinball of modern times, The Addams Family, Pat brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gleaned from his 30+ years in the coin-op business. Starting in the early ’80s programming quiz games, he also worked on bowling machines before finding his true calling – pinball.

Innovation is in his blood, from his unique twist on the traditional playfield for his first pinball creation, Banzai Run, through the animatronic wonders of the boy Rudy in Funhouse, to the awe-inspiring cornucopia of toys and whimsy that is the #1 rated game, Twilight Zone.

Uncompromising in his determination to pack every last ounce of fun into his games, Pat has assembled the best teams in the industry who collectively never rested until they turned a good game into a truly great game.

Now Pat has returned to the business he loves, and with Jersey Jack Pinball he has the creative freedom and talented colleagues to realize his most amazing designs yet.


1/1/2011 Jersey Jack hires Pinball Designer Joe Balcer
. Just as Jersey Jack Guarnieri announced the launch of his new company, he also announced that World-Famous much Celebrated Pinball Designer Joe Balcer would be creating the playfield layout for the company's first game.

Jack and Joe have collaborated before with ShuffleAlley.com and now Joe is back at what he loves best, Pinball! Although Joe has always maintained a low profile in his career he is responsible for such games as The Simpson's Pinball Party and South Park. Among Joe's other works are Apollo 13, Baywatch, Star Wars Trilogy, and more.

Upon Joe's return to Pinball he said "I never even imagined that this would have been possible. This is truly a dream come true and we are going to make some really great games that players will love."

Jack said "Joe has been a good friend for the past nine years and I know his talents, abilities and passion. With Joe's experience and ideas we are going to create something really special." Joe can be reached at Joe@JerseyJackPinball.com

1/9/2011: Jersey Jack Pinball hires artist Jerry VanderStelt

An American cultural icon such as The Wizard of Oz deserves to be brought to life by the best talents possible, and to accomplish this, Jersey Jack Pinball has secured the mastery of famed artist Jerry VanderStelt for their inaugural pinball release.

Jerry will impart his magic on The Wizard of Oz pinball machine through the commission of seven original art treatments. These include unique images for the left and right sides of the cabinet body, the front of the cabinet, plus the left and right sides of the backbox. To ensure the brightness, intensity and detail that Jerry is famous for, all cabinet artwork will be printed using UV ink on the highest grade of adhesive backed vinyl and then applied to the cabinets.

In addition, Jerry will also create two special pieces for the front of the backbox. A mirrored glass the full size of the backbox will feature screened artwork framing the LCD display, which will in turn exhibit the second treatment. The LCD itself will be positioned behind a transparent section of the backglass, and to ensure ease of access the glass will lift up and into the backbox like a traditional full-sized backglass.

To learn more about Jerry VanderStelt and view examples of his art, including his work in the pinball field, search the Internet Pinball Database (ipdb.org) or visit his official website at vandersteltstudio.com.

2/5/11 Jim Thornton Joins Jersey Jack Pinball;

Jim Thornton who brings over 21 years of Pinball and industry experience has joined the growing ranks of Jersey Jack Pinball as Project Manager. Jim has worked at such notable companies as Lenc-Smith cabinets, TLC cabinets and Stern Pinball. Jim says, "I am honored to be working with Jack again and with such an amazing team of talented individuals." Jim will handle all bill of materials and purchasing duties and can be reached at jim@jerseyjackpinball.com.


2/7/2011: Programmer Keith Johnson Joins Jersey Jack Pinball.

(Posted February 7, 2011 -- 10PM)

Famed Programmer Keith Johnson has joined Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. Keith is a 12-year veteran in the gaming industry, having worked as a designer/programmer at Williams Electronics Games and Stern Pinball, Inc. In addition to having worked on slot machines and Pinball 2000, his accomplishments include being part of the team that created Stern's two best-selling games, The Simpsons Pinball Party and Lord of the Rings.

Most recently, he has been at Play Mechanix where he worked primarily on online interfaces for the Big Buck Hunter series of games.

His passion for pinball is evident from his varied personal collection of games, as well as continuing to play competitive pinball in major tournaments like IFPA and PAPA, where he won a classics division in 2009.

"I'm excited to return to pinball with the Jersey Jack team and to be a part of the next chapter in pinball entertainment."

Everyone will recall that Keith and Joe Balcer were the team that collaborated together to create The Simpsons Pinball Party. Jack says "Bringing Keith and Joe together again is almost like getting The Beatles back together again, they can do magical things"

Dennis Nordman went on to say "Jack is assembling a team with some big firepower, this is very exciting!"

The design Team of Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. spent the weekend at a Kickoff Summit in Chicago discussing a wide range of topics. They selected a board and operating system as well as other game related items that will be announced shortly.

Keith can be contacted at Keith@JerseyJackPinball.com


2/15/2011: Jersey Jack Pinball Hires sound expert Chris Granner to Wizard of Oz project!

Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. proudly announces that they have hired famed Sound Master Chris Granner to do their upcoming Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine. His creative genius was present in so many great games including; The Addams Family, The Simpsons Pinball Party, Indiana Jones, White Water, Twilight Zone, Cyclone, Lord of the Rings, Funhouse, and many more.

Chris said "I can't even tell you how excited I am to be a part of this team! When I heard that Joe, then Jerry and then Dennis and Greg were involved, I was pretty impressed...when I heard it was going to be The Wizard of Oz, I was really impressed...and when I heard Keith Johnson would be programming, and what kind of a game was to be made, I thought, this is what I've been waiting for! A fabulous team, a Triple A license, a can-do, "rebel base" mentality -- sign me up!"

"Chris has been out of Pinball for over five years and this was a great opportunity to grab this brilliant talent and add him to our Team, I am thrilled." said Jersey Jack Guarnieri.

"There are SO many great songs and themes, and the characters are so vibrant. It's really amazing how this story has become part of our cultural backdrop, especially in recent years, having a new way to look at wicked witches. This is going to be a VERY special game, I'm very grateful to be a part of it, and I can't wait to get started!" continued Chris.

About Chris
Exposed to Bach, Beethoven and Chopin from birth by his organist/pianist father, Chris was singing 3-part harmony with his parents at age 2 (so says his mom anyway). He studied composition and electronic/computer music with Ben Johnston, Herbert Brun, Sal Martirano & Scott Wyatt at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, completing a B.M. and an M.F.A. in music composition. Chris's interest in computer music led him to the Northwestern University computer music lab, where he heard that Williams Electronics was searching for its first full-time composer. He took the position, and over a period of 18 years developed a presence as one of the leading composers in the pinball & coin-op video game industry. Since leaving Williams/Bally/Midway to create CGmusic, Chris has become the leading composer in pinball today, and is consistently sought to compose music and design soundtracks for coin-op and console games, television advertising spots and other interactive media. Recently he designed the soundtrack and directed voiceover asset creation for the X-Box title Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, and composed music and post-produced audio for the cut-scenes for that Studio Gigante / Microsoft title. Although fascinated by all types of music and known for his ability to bestow the "cg touch" on any musical style, Chris especially enjoys all styles of classical music from Gregorian Chant to John Cage, as well as both types of music - country/western AND bluegrass.

March 2nd 2011: Matt Riesterer Joins Jersey Jack Pinball

Matt Riesterer of Back Alley Creations has joined the Jersey Jack Pinball team as a modeling artist. Matt has been a customer/friend of Jersey Jack Guarnieri for many years and has created many high-end custom after market items for pinball machines. Matt has been exclusively contracted to do the toys and models for the upcoming Wizard of Oz pinball as well as for future JJP games. "Matt's amazing work is a result of his talent, dedication and passion and I'm truly happy he has joined us in our efforts to create the best games possible," said Jersey Jack. Matt will use his exceptional talent to focus on the details of the Emerald City Limited Edition game.

"This is an awesome dream come true for me. I could think of no other person who I would rather do this with than Jack. He has assembled an amazing team of people and being part of this is an honor!" exclaimed Matt.

The Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine will incorporate many new design elements that will need to be created and sculpted. Matt's creativity and experience along with input from other members of the Jersey Jack Pinball Team will insure that this game and other games to follow, will be unique in design and attention to detail. They are all working to create something very special.



Drew Maniscalco

Jersey Jack Pinball is proud to announce Drew Maniscalco as VP of Business Development. Drew brings over 20 years of industry experience to JJP. His resume includes stints at Sega and ICE and recently worked as VP of Sales and Marketing for Elaut USA and Chicago Gaming where he was instrumental in the licensing of key game titles for the consumer Hit, Arcade Legends and coin op's "Nicktoons Racing". He also developed the Chart Topping Redemption games "Spongebob Jellyfishing" and "Spongebob" and was the creator of Irem's video game classic...Ninja Baseball Bat Man. "I look forward to working the Jack and the team, as we create the Greatest Pinball Machine ever made"!

Bryan Hansen

Industry Veteran Game Designer, Bryan Hansen has joined Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. Bryan is best known for Capcom's Pinball Magic but Bryan is also known for his creation of many other hit amusement and arcade games through his company Entergament, Inc. www.entergament.com. Bryan will work with the Team in mechanical design, development and support. He has already created several prototype designs for amusement games that are "ready to go" and JJP will explore how some of those games can be brought to market commercially. "Bryan is a great guy who has a wonderful talent and his creativity, imagination and passion fit perfectly into our company" stated Jersey Jack Guarnieri.


Jean-Paul de Win

Jersey Jack Pinball is happy to annouce Jean-Paul (JP) de Win as the Graphic Designer/LCD Artist for the Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine. While studying at The Design Academy in The Netherlands, JP discovered he enjoyed computer graphics and 3D Animation and was soon offered an internship in the graphics department at Williams right after the release of Pin2000. However, after only 2 weeks after his start, Willams decided to close down its pinball department. JP then continued his half year internship at Midway Games designing touchscreen games under the supervision of Greg Freres.


Back in Holland, JP finished school and worked for several Dutch broastcast companies in Amsterdam where he specialized in Motion Graphics for on-air promos and program packages. In 2010, JP started his own company working as a freelancer, called JP Design.


JP says, "I really appreciate Jack's courage to hire somebody on the other side of the ocean. Skype & internet enables me to work closely with Greg and the team and now I can finally work in pinball and fulfill my ambition of working in the industry. It's a great honor to be the first LCD-artist for a pinball machine, thanks to Jack!"


Jack says, "We are thrilled with what JP has produced for us so far. He is an extremely talented individual who is going to help us take Pinball to the next level." To see some of JP's work, visit http://www.jp-design.nl/.  


Larry Appice

Larry attended Kean College with Fine Arts/Computer Graphics degree. He also attended the Newark School of Fine Industrial Arts. After finishing school, Larry managed Jack’s Family Entertainment Center in Lakewood, NJ for 4 yrs. Larry has worked at PinballSales.com for 12 years where he fully restores used pinball machines, video games, jukeboxes, and much more. Larry is also involved in ShuffleAlley.com since 2003 restoring Parker Bohn 3 Shuffle Alley.



Steve Zamonski

Steve has been playing pinball since he was 6 years old. He bought his first pin at 16 (Bally Sky Kings) and has been collecting since then. Steve started in the coin-op "industry" in 1984 giving change at an arcade on LBI. He graduated from Marietta (OH) College in 1991, Summa Cum Laude, started working part-time for TNT Amusements in Southampton, PA that same Christmas. He worked for a Cable TV Network for several years while staying on part-time, then eventually full-time at TNT. Steve met Jack in 1998 while looking to buy a pinball machine (CFTBL), was a customer of his until joining Jack Guarnieri Service Company full time in 2002. Steve handles all aspects of the business including some sales, deliveries, road service, playfield shopping, also fixing and rebuilding circuit boards, etc. Steve is excited to be part of the JJP team, working with many great folks, he says "..it is in some ways the culmination of a life-long dream.”

Butch Peel

William R. "Butch” Peel has loved and been fascinated by pinball since he was a child. He began collecting and restoring/repairing pinball machines in 1986, while attending college at New Mexico State University.As years went by (and his collection grew), the hobby turned into a passion, then into a side business, as Butch began to work on games for other local enthusiasts. In recent years, he has repaired pinball printed circuit boards, through the mail, for people all around the US.

During his senior year of college, Butch accepted a cooperative education (6 months of work, 6 months of classes) position with the US Army Research Laboratory at White Sands Missile Range. When he earned his electrical engineering degree from NMSU in May of 1987, he accepted an offer for a permanent position with ARL. Butch currently has 27 ½ years of civilian service and is looking forward to retiring in the not-too-distant future to devote all of his time and energy to Jersey Jack Pinball.

On being added to the JJP Team, Butch says "I am living the dream, here, doing what I love. I truly have to pinch myself each and every day!I cannot thank Jack enough for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The team he has assembled is undeniably top-shelf; I feel incredibly fortunate - and humbled - to be working alongside them.”

Eric Meunier

JJP is proud to welcome Eric Meunier to the team! Eric has been a part of the industry since he was a young boy, helping his father, Norb who started King Pin Games in North Freedom, WI (Now one of our authorized distributors). As he got older and started to understand electronics and mechanics, Eric helped repair games and worked full time every summer and weekend from the age of 12 on.

After high school, Eric attended the University of Wisconsin Madison for Electrical Engineering, where he also played Trumpet in the UW Marching Band. Eric graduated with his undergraduate degree, and recently graduated with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Robotics. He and his wife Ashley were recently married.

Eric says, "I'm excited to start a career in the industry my parents gave me a love for at such an early age. I'm very happy to be working for JJP, and getting a chance to be on the cutting edge of pinball development."

"Eric has a love for the industry and we are thrilled to help build the next generation of talented people who will design games" stated Jack.

Lloyd Olson is known throughout the world of Pinball as an expert in tech support. He has answered and posted thousands of service and support fixes for people and has gained a reputation at being the very best. That's what we want at JJP.


Lloyd will be working with other JJP Technical staffers to get to know the WOZ game inside and out. Lloyd will also have a WOZ at his location and he can be reached after June 1, 2013 at Service@JerseyJackPinball.com and at 888-730-5225.


Lloyd - LTG said: "I want to thank Jack, and everyone at JJP for giving me the chance to be part of the team !  I always hope great things for pinball. I never dreamed I'd get to be part of it. What a great day!